Our customers love this virtual server (vServer)

You can run simple applications if you bought a domain, webspace, and an SSL certificate from us. But if you need more performance (speed!) then buy our best-selling SSD LXC server. Features up to 1 GBit/s bandwidth, 2 GB RAM, two vCores and a 45 GB solid-state drive (SSD) for only 4,49€/mo.

Get our best-selling Linux server

Super fast. Highly protected. Our customer love it.

P.S if you want more control, configure a KVM vServer.


In just a few minutes to your own domain.

After you registered a domain, you can pick a webspace that is easy to handle for you. Then add an SSL certificate to protect your website from data thieves. You can also choose a virtual server to run more demanding applications.

Enjoy our best-selling webspace

We have a number of web-hosting offers but if you want what most of our customers pick, get out large webspace for 5,99€/mo.
Includes 15GB SSD storge, five databases, 25 email accounts and fair-use traffic usage.

Get your large webspace

Cheap web hosting. Easy administration.

P.S if all you need is an email address, checkout our e-mail-only packages. And if you don't know HTML try our new homepage design tool. It’s a bliss to use it, and we're proud of it.

Most customers trust this SSL certificate

You can't afford data theft because your customers trust you. Protect their data stored on your server and make sure your identity is hidden from people with malicious intentions. If you want quick-and-easy protection, pick our most-trusted SSL certificate for 9,99€/year.

Choose our most-trusted SSL encryption

Protects your identity and your customers' personal data.

What you get...

You're safe!

Our servers are protected against denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. A person running this kind of cyber attack is flooding a server with requests from multiple resources. Their goal is to make an online service temporarily or indefinitely unavailable.

Pay as you go

You pay as much as you pre-pay. No hidden fees. If you have enought credit in your account, you're fine. And if you forgot to top up, we will keep your data and "freeze" it until you add sufficient credits. Pay with PayPal, Sofort, Barzahlen, PaySafeCard or Banktransfer.

We're happy to help

A technical product can be daunting and scary. We know that not everyone is as tech-savvy as we are. And our customers don't have to be. That's ok. So, please ask our support team and we will help you friendly and competently.

IPv6 is included!

The Internet Protocol (IP) makes sure that your internet-enabled devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) can can talk to each other. No IP, no internet. IPv6 is version six of the protocol and the update of IPv4. It's simpler, faster and more secure than version four. All our products support IPv6.

High-quality hardware only

We use hardware from reliable big brands (HP and Supermicro) with Intel processors. The live longer than subpar hardware and endure heavy server loads easier than consumer hardware.

Ready in 1 minute!

After your successful payment, you can access your new server in less than 60 seconds (on average). There can be exceptions, but you will never wait more than a day to run your virtual server.

Easily manage your server

Our custom administration system is tailor-made for people like you. It looks good, works well and makes handling your server a breeze. And it's a complete in-house development.

Your data is safe in Germany!

As a German hosting company, our host systems are located in German premium data centers. This means your data is safely stored in Germany, protected by top-notch security standards and covered by German legislation.

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