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Easter-Event 2017 3375 | 0

Dear Customers,

this year it's time again! - Hosting celebrates with you Easter!
In the course of this year's Easter-Event, we offer three vouchers for all new and existing customers.

Voucher #1 - KVM HDD vServer:
- Discount: 10%
- Code: KVM#EASTER2017

Voucher #2 - OpenVZ vServer:
- Discount: 10%
- Code: OVZ#EASTER2017

Voucher #3 - CS:GO Performance Server:
- Discount: 20%
- Code: CSGO#EASTER2017

All vouchers for this promotion are redeemable up to May 2, 2017!

We wish you all a happy Easter holiday!
~ article from 16.04.2017, 01:23 from Sebastian Uhlig Read more

OpenVZ vServer - Now Available! 864 | 0

Dear customers,

our new OpenVZ vServer will arrive in a few days. Prepare for this:
You can get our new OpenVZ vServer from 0,70 € per month!

Lately we encountered increased customer inquiries for OpenVZ virtualized systems.
We would like to meet this desire shortly before christmas.

Now you can set up your OpenVZ server easily by yourself with very good conditions.

Pre-Orders are already possible.

Have a lot of fun with our new vServers!
~ article from 23.01.2017, 22:11 from Sebastian Uhlig Read more

New Performance SSD Server - Available now! 847 | 0

Dear clients,

we are happy to announcce our new SSD Power Plus vServer products. You will receive a high performance VPS System, created even for the most demanding applications. Featuring extra vCores, extra RAM and SSD Space with high read and write speeds every desire will be fullfiled.
~ article from 23.01.2017, 22:05 from Sebastian Uhlig Read more

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  • up to 8 TB HDD or 512 GB SSD
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