Price / 1. Year

14,99 €


12 months

Cancellation period


Setup fee

0,00 €

Transfer fee

1,14 €

Renewal fee

14,99 €

Fee of owner change

0,00 €

Nameserver update fee

0,00 €

No secrets!

There are no secrets with us. You will find all information needed below.

URL redirect

We offer you the opportunity to set up any URL redirect for your domain for free.

E-Mail forwarding

You want to forward all emails to an external address? Take advantage of our free e-mail forwarding.

Own nameservers

We run our own name servers for our clients, to simplify the administration and to be not depentend.

Your own DNS records

With us you can set any record type yourself. We rely on the simplest possible administration.

Free 24/7 support

Problems are always annoying. We do not let them arise and help the unlikely event.

EasySetup tool

You do not know anything about DNS records? We have developed a tool that allows administation without expertise.