1.500 GBit Backbone

Thanks to its own network with redundant fibre connection, we ensure the best latencies in the world. The Backbone connects to major nodes in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London.

Crossconnects to many data centers

For optimal peering and least latency, there are also connections between the different carriers and data centers.

Redundant fiber optic cabling

The redundant cabling ensures increased reliability. A high accessibility of your services can be guaranteed.


DDoS protection

With Arbor's permanent DDoS protection, it is possible to permanently monitor traffic and filter it on servers before arrival. Due to the permanent monitoring chosen by us, protection is immediate. Bandwidths over 1 Tbit/s can be filtered.

Access control

The cages and racks of the data centers are secured by locks. Thus, although the data center is freely accessible to authorized persons, the hardware is accessible only to the owner.

Fire protection

The inside of the data centers is protected with argon gas extinguishing systems. In the event of a fire, a deletion can take place immediately, which in turn allows further operation of the other systems.

Our Datacenter Location FRA4


Our data center houses most of the major carriers. So we can offer you here also the best routing and lowest latency.

  • DE-CIX
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • NL-IX
  • GTT
  • Cogent
  • NTT
  • Telia
  • Anexia
  • Core Backbone

The operator of the data center has its own network with several fiber optic connections for connection to the most important hubs in Central and Western Europe. These include, for example, hubs in Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Berlin. Redundant connectivity and peering agreements maximize availability and connectivity to server locations worldwide.

  • Redundant backbone with 1.500 Gigabit/s external connection
  • Connection to all important carriers and exchange points (DECIX, AMSIX, EBCIX)