Below we explain you our fair use regulation of traffic.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the fair use clause?

Fair use refers to the fair use of resources. In our case, the fair use of incoming and outgoing traffic.
Experience has shown that only a few of our customers require more than 25 TB of traffic per month when operating a server, for instance for private purposes or projects. Nevertheless, a much higher traffic is also possible.
We use a system that measures the extent of traffic in different ways to determine fair utilization. We check the maximum temporary burdens on daily limits and monthly limits to ensure that each individual customer's activities will not impact other customers in a negative way.

Which traffic is traceable and which is not?

All right!Somthing is wrong!
Operating a server: for example, a homepage, a forum or a game server.If you want to run a server predominantly or exclusively as a download server / upload server: Eg a cloud server
Servers that are temporary, e.g. due to a one-time or short-term event, need more traffic than usual.Servers that consumes a lot of traffic in the long run are for example large communities, large company presences, etc. The amount of traffic is always evaluated in relation to the ordered package. The above-average use of traffic is thus a combination of the ordered package and the purpose of the server. However, this has be to considered individually for each product. There is no fixed limit for an overuse.