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Rent a Rust Server: Play Rust online with up to 200 players on your own server

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In the successful Survival Game Rust from Facepunch Studios you spawn on an island equipped with nothing more than a torch and a stone. First of all, you have to search for resources like wood, stone and metal in order to prepare yourself for literally bare survival - because at the beginning of the game you don't have any clothes. You can make tools, clothing, medicine, and weapons to defend yourself against enemy animals and players.

Rust is a multiplayer game and can only be played in this mode. You can rent your own rust server from us. Up to 200 players can play on a server at the same time, making survival an ever greater challenge! Play with your friends and team up against attackers to protect yourself!

Your own server is pre-installed and immediately online

Would you like to rent a rust server without a lot of work? No problem! Our servers are pre-installed and equipped with all basic functions. This enables us to make your own rust server available to you easily online and immediately after payment has been received. The server interface is easy to use and set up. So you can jump straight into the Rust adventure.

We use the latest supermicro hardware with the latest generation of Intel XEON scalable processors. Full control of your server is always with you. We guarantee the highest performance for your gaming experience and at the same time protect you from DDoS attacks on your server. Our protection runs in the background and is of course completely free.

Rust server hosting - cheap and without contract

Rent your Rust Server at affordable prices and without a contract: With our prepaid servers, you do not commit to terms and at the same time keep an eye on the payment. If you are no longer interested in the server, it is sufficient if you no longer top up your contribution account.

The right configuration for your server

The amount of RAM on your Rust Server depends on the slot size, the size of the card and the plugins used. The bigger your game is, the higher RAM configuration we recommend. You can also upgrade your configuration at any time during the game!

That's our guarantee

Intel® Xeon®

We only use brand hardware (HP and Supermicro) with Intel processors.


Our host systems are only located in German premium data centers with the highest standards.

60 sec. delivery

You don't have to wait anymore! After payment, the server is usually provided within a few seconds*.

DDoS protection

All our vServers are protected with a Arbor Protection (up to more than 1 TBit/s).

* Exceptions possible. Maximum delivery time 24 hours.

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