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Factorio is about building factories and keeping them running. In the well-known building game tradition, raw materials have to be extracted, an infrastructure has to be developed and production routes have to be optimized. So far, so ordinary. However, as a special highlight, there are hostile aliens that make life difficult for the factory owners. They can be fought alone or in cooperative multiplayer.
Our Factorio servers are delivered within seconds & offer you full control.

We use Pterodactyl to make the administration of your server as easy as possible. You can install your server, upload plugins, ban players or create backups of your server at any time without any effort.
In the server configuration you can choose, among other things, which mode you want to play. This way you can play with your friends in a relaxed way.

As soon as you rent your prepaid Factorio server, our system will start the automatic setup. So you can start playing in no time.
We install your Minecraft server on the latest Supermicro hardware with Intel XEON Scalable processors of the latest generation. This guarantees that your server runs with the highest performance.

That's our guarantee

Intel® Xeon®

We only use brand hardware (HP and Supermicro) with Intel processors.


Our host systems are only located in German premium data centers with the highest standards.

60 sec. delivery

You don't have to wait anymore! After payment, the server is usually provided within a few seconds*.

DDoS protection

All our vServers are protected with a Arbor Protection (up to more than 1 TBit/s).

* Exceptions possible. Maximum delivery time 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Basically, we only use server hardware from well-known brands like HP or Supermicro. Our routing hardware are only models from Juniper.
Yes, you can reinstall your server with one click.