Hosted Mail Security

Our Mail Security Addon is deployed as mail transfer agent directly in the DNS server of the domain with a higher priority than the standard MX server with the help of the DNS MX (designation for the responsible mail server) settings. This has the advantage that in the event of a failure, the e-mails are delivered directly to the mail server without pre-filtering and no mail traffic can be lost. After the MX settings, the Mail Security Gateway works like a kind of "Man in the Middle". It accepts all e-mails and forwards those classified as trustworthy to the responsible mail server.

Server Management

Our managed services are comparable to other managed server offers on the market. Here, all services on the root server / vServer are monitored with the help of an external monitoring system and maintained by our employees. The big difference between our managed server offers and those of our competitors is that, you as a customer have full administrative access to the servers and are allowed to make changes to the server system. Our server management addons are available for all server products that are offered by us.

Hosted Mail Security
Anti-Virus Protection2 Engines (Sophos / Avira)
Ransomware / Malware ProtectionSandboxing
Spam MX Checks (RBL)several Blacklists
Reverse DNS Checksyes
Spam-Quarantine Reportyes
Recipient Verificationwith Call-Out Method
Server Management
included Servers1
Support24/7/365 (Ticketsupport)
Hosted Mail Security(on request) included
Plesk Web Admin Edition(on request) included
external Monitoringincluded
Operating Systems Updatesincluded
Backups14 Days included
DDoS Perma-Mitigation Advanced
IP Adress included1
individual Protection Templateincluded
Monitoring and Alertingincluded
Ongoing Customizationsincluded
active attack-preventionincluded
countermeasures on an attackincluded
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How the Hosted Mail Security works:



The affected user receives a quarantine report at least twice a day, in which he gets an overview of all blocked emails and can unblock them with one click.
Since this is offered as a fully managed service, the solution is completely administered and managed by our employees. Therefore, a direct management access is unfortunately not possible here.
Of course! As with all our prepaid products, you can simply let these packages expire when you no longer need them.
Yes, this is possible at any time via our support.
Sure! You can always make adjustments and installations to your server yourself.
By default, DDoS Protection monitors our network and only switches the routing of the affected IP address via DDoS Protection when an active attack is detected. With our permanent mitigation Advanced, the incoming traffic of the server is always filtered by our DDoS Protection, so that some ping packets, which could be lost during the switchover, are still forwarded to the server without interruption. This ensures that especially connection-intensive applications (such as game servers with FiveM) do not lose their connection for a short time and the players do not lose the connection to the server.