Rent our LXC vServer

With our prepaid LXC vServer you get your own server in just a few minutes. For most applications such as B. Web server, game server or Teamspeak Server, this is ideal.

Rent our Root vServer

Our prepaid root servers offer you every freedom you can wish for. Your server has its own kernel, so you have no restrictions.

NVMe LXC vServer
vCoreup to 10 Cores
RAMup to 16 GB
SSDup to 200 GB
TrafficFair Use limit
SSD KVM Root Server
vCoreup to 10 Cores
RAMup to 16 GB
SSDup to 150 GB
TrafficFair Use limit
SSD NVMe Root Server
vCoreup to 6 Cores
RAMup to 12 GB
SSDup to 150 GB
TrafficFair Use limit
Storage KVM Server
vCoreup to 8 Cores
RAMup to 32 GB
HDDup to 2000 GB
TrafficFair Use limit
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That's our guarantee

Intel® Xeon®

We only use brand hardware (HP and Supermicro) with Intel processors.


Our host systems are only located in German premium data centers with the highest standards.

60 sec. delivery

You don't have to wait anymore! After payment, the VPS is usually provided within a few seconds *.

1 IPv4 address

Your server will always be delivered with an IPv4 address from our own RIPE network areas.

IPv6 subnet

You get a 64 bit IPv6 network prefix to your lxc vserver.

DDoS protection

All our vServers are protected with a Arbor Protection (up to more than 1 TBit/s).

VPS interface

The provided interface allows you to easily administrate your VPS yourself.


Our Nodes are connected to the Internet with up to 10 GBit / s bandwidth.

* Exceptions possible. Maximum delivery time 24 hours.

vServer details

NVMe LXC vServerSSD Root ServerStorage KVM Server
vCoreup to 10 Coresup to 10 Coresup to 8 Cores
RAMup to 16 GBup to 16 GBup to 32 GB
Storageup to 150 GBup to 150 GBup to 2000 GB
TrafficFair Use limitFair Use limitFair Use limit
Connection1 GBit/s1 GBit/s1 GBit/s
Own kernel
1 IPv4 address
IPv6 subnetz
DDOS Protection
Upgrades possible
Own hostname
Extensive OS selection
Duration1 month1 month1 month
Autom. renewal possible
Autom. renewal possible
Delivery60 seconds*60 seconds*60 seconds*
Available operating systems
Debian 11
Debian 10
Debian 9
Ubuntu 20.04
Ubuntu 19.10
Ubuntu 19.04
Ubuntu 18.04
CentOS 8
CentOS 7
Other operating systemsOn request.
* Exceptions possible. Maximum delivery time 24 hours.