Features of NVMe KVM Rootserver:
Fair Use traffic no overbooked Hosts latest and own operating systems
Get 1 month for free with yearly payment!
NVMe "Constitution"



12 GB30 GB
NVMe "Excelsior"



24 GB50 GB
NVMe "Ambassador"



48 GB100 GB
NVMe "Galaxy"



612 GB150 GB
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That's our guarantee

Our NVMe KVM Rootservers offer many options. Each server offers you SSH and root access. Our servers are therefore suitable for every conceivable application.
AMD® Threadripper

We only use brand hardware with high-end cpus.


Our host systems are only located in a German premium data centers with the highest standards.

60 sec. delivery

You don't have to wait anymore! After payment, the VPS is usually provided within a few seconds *.

1 IPv4 address

Your server will always be delivered with an IPv4 address from our own RIPE network areas.

IPv6 subnet

You get a 64 bit IPv6 network prefix to your kvm rootsserver.

DDoS protection

All our vServers are protected with a Arbor Protection (up to more than 1 TBit/s).

VPS interface

The provided interface allows you to easily administrate your VPS yourself.


Our NVMe KVM Rootservers are connected to the Internet with up to 1 GBit / s bandwidth.

* Exceptions possible. Maximum delivery time 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Basically, we only use server hardware from well-known brands like Supermicro. Our routing hardware are only models from Juniper.
Sure! Since you have an Hypervisor-Kernel independend technology, you just simply can install the Server with a Windows ISO File. Just make sure to complete the setup via the noVNC Console.
It depends very much on what you intend to do. Our SSD LXC vServers are based on LXC, so you can - for example - not use kernel extensions. In comparison to our old SSD OpenVUZ servers, the use of Docker is possible, since lxc uses a 5.X kernel. Thanks to LXC, there are almost no use cases where a KVM vServer is necessary. Furthermore, if you need your own kernel independend OS, the KVM Rootserver will be the right for you.
Sure! You can always reinstall your server with one of the available operating systems.
Of course, we have our own area in our customer center. There you can set an entry for all addresses.
In that case, you could contact our support. We will upload the ISO immediately.