ST-Blog Small
NVME Storage20 GB
E-Mail accounts25
PHP Memory-Limit192MB
TrafficFair Use
Free SSLIncluded
ST-Blog Medium
NVME Storage40 GB
E-Mail accounts50
PHP Memory-Limit256MB
TrafficFair Use
Free SSLIncluded
ST-Blog Large
NVME Storage50 GB
E-Mail accounts100
PHP Memory-Limit512MB
TrafficFair Use
Free SSLIncluded
Only annual payment possible.

Manage content easily and clearly with WordPress

WordPress Logo

WordPress is a free web hosting software for blogs and a content management system (CMS): Creating, optimizing and planning posts is made easy with WordPress. The usability does not require any special administrative knowledge, so that you can get started with your blog or website right away. WordPress provides ready-made templates - but you can also implement your own templates.

Our offers are based on Plesk, which together with the WordPress Toolkit gives you the opportunity to install your web space yourself with just a few clicks and to maintain it for a long time.

WordPress hosting for stable and fast performance

With our cheap WordPress hosting options, we always guarantee you the highest stability and fast loading times for your blog or website.

We offer you easy setting of your web space and leave full control to you. Choose from our packages and decide individually on the right configuration: You can choose from small, medium and large. Depending on your requirements, these offer you an NVME storage capacity between 20 and 50 GB, between 25 and 100 e-mail accounts and a PHP memory limit between 192 and 512 MB.

Security through the latest technology

Our servers are pre-installed in a data center located in Germany and run on hardware with the highest technical standards. You have the latest software, which we update regularly. In this way we guarantee you the best possible security and protection against DDoS attacks.

All benefits at a glance

  • easy configuration
  • different packages for individual requirements
  • safe use
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • Data center located in Germany

Wordpress-Hosting details

ST-Blog SmallST-Blog MediumST-Blog Large
Total storage20 GB40 GB50 GB
Premium NVME storage
Usable Domains111
E-Mail accounts2550100
TrafficFair Use LimitFair Use LimitFair Use Limit
Free SSL Certificate
Delivery60 Seconds*60 Seconds*60 Seconds*
PHP Details
PHP-VersionsPHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
PHP memory_limit192 MB256 MB512 MB
PHP max_execution_time90150300
PHP post_max_size32 MB64 MB128 MB
PHP upload_max_size32 MB64 MB128 MB
Caching (OPCache)
More features
nginx Proxymode
Web statistics
WordPress Toolkit
SSL/TLS Support
* Exceptions possible. Maximum delivery time 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions about our wordpress hosting

The WordPress Toolkit from Plesk offers the possibility to manage your WordPress installation directly via the Plesk interface. In addition to the management features, the toolkit also offers the option of installing updates for WordPress, themes and plugins.
Our WordPress hosting packages only support one domain. Several WordPress installations can be operated for subdomains of this domain. However, all installations must share one database.
Our WordPress hosting packages are optimized for the operation of WordPress. These offer e.g. a lot of memory for your data to be able to integrate many pictures or videos as well as a higher PHP memory limit than usual. The high memory limit is particularly necessary for WordPress installations with many plugins so that the website can continue to be high-performance and quickly accessible.
You can rent your domain from us or from another provider. The only requirement is that you can create your own DNS records with your provider. If you order your domain from us, however, it will be much easier for us to help you with problems with the domain.